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Why join ACTS?

  • Student centered system
  • Applicable for undergraduate & graduate
  • Non-complicated grade conversion
  • Does not require any modification of existing institutional or national credit system
  • Duration of program is 1 up to max 2 academic semester or shorter period of study

Explore the endless possibilities

  • Umi Amal Nadhirah Haji Jamil
    Umi Amal Nadhirah Haji Jamil
    This is a good program giving students opportunities to pursue their studies abroad and gain valuable experience and strengthening their independency especially when dealing with academic and lifestyle management....
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  • Sharmaine V. Hernandez
    Sharmaine V. Hernandez
    On wanders and wonders When I first signed up for the program, all I had in mind was how great such opportunity would be for me to explore a...
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  • Raja Oktovin Parhasian Damanik
    Raja Oktovin Parhasian Damanik
    First of all, I want to thank those who have made this program possible. It is simply one of the best time in my life going abroad as exchange student. Meeting many...
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  • Dayangku Nursakinah Intan Nursari
    Dayangku Nursakinah Intan Nursari
    I’m so glad I went for a student exchange program, as studying in Indonesia really was an amazing experience, propelling me in not only my studies but my future ambitions also. The...
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They are the ACTS FAMILY!

Since the first year of ACTS implementation, we have received more than 1600 applications from 32 AUN member universities.

They experienced many great moments that they could not get in their home countries.
So, we do look forward to receiving your application.
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ACTS online application system could be used by students, home universities, host universities and of course AUN-ACTS Secretariat. You could download the manuals which include complete description of how to use the system as students and as university administrators (as home and host university).


Facts & Figures

AUN Student Exchange Program under ACTS scheme was implemented in 2011 among the 26 AUN member universities. Currently there are 30 leading universities in ASEAN countries have participated in the program. For the first year of ACTS implementation, the online application system has recorded & receive almost 200 applications.


Mechanism for ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) was proposed for the first time at AUN Quality Assurance Meeting on December 2008 at Universitas Indonesia. In the meeting, AUN Member Universities agreed to hold an annual meeting, focuses on discussion about ACTS. De La Salle University from Philippines was appointed to be the host of the meeting.